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Parenting tip – handling misbehavior in public

If a 5 year old yells at you and misbehaves in front of your friends, it is NO WORSE than if he yelled and misbehaved at you in private. Make sure the punishment or repercussion to the child is for the right reasons. The fact that you felt embarrassed, your image of... read more

Being a parent – a source of joy!

Being a Parent is a privilege and an opportunity to cherish and find joy in every moment and every aspect of kids lives. This includes the times when they misbehave or act in strange ways. It does not mean as parents you don’t nurture and lead them in right direction... read more

Parenting tip – keeping it simple and effective

The best way parents can keep parenting simple and effective is to stay one step ahead. They can empower themselves with knowledge of how kids are likely to grow in next six month or one year. How their needs are likely to change. What good / bad  behavior they are... read more

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